bad news/good news

I'm sick.  Sore throat, sinus pressure, headache, exhausted.  Anya kept me up most the night sick (apparently kicking me and pinching my skin was the only way to feel good enough to sleep) and I think this same sickness is heading into Lily-land as well.  Mark's the only one feeling spiffy, the lucky bastard.

We're supposed to be heading out on the boat tomorrow for a couple days on the island and I want to go but... well.  You know how it is.  Hopefully we'll all feel brilliant by tomorrow morning.

In bad news I got the following email about someone I know through one of my email lists:

We never got a reverse 911 call, but decided to leave on our own late Sunday night, even though the fires were still 10 miles away and we could only see an orange glow on the horizon.   Within 20 minutes of our leaving our house burned to the ground from a different fire that started near the SY creekbed, and a short while later the same fire was 10 miles away burning homes in RB. This is serious stuff.  Please take care of your most precious possessions - your family.

In good news I got the following from my Aunt and Uncle:

Looks like our home was saved.  The fire fighters stopped the fire at the bottom of our little street, right at the gate!  They had the big bombers dropping retardant on the fire and the bulldozers were working like crazy too.

Come on, powers that be.  Let's end this thing.  M'kay?  Oh, and if you could make my family feel better asap, that would be awesome too.