Baja Day 3: San Ignacio to La Paz

We had only a single cot for the two girls in the yurt and so decided to lay them foot to foot. This resulted in lots of kicking and cries of, "She's touching me!" Ah yes, siblings. Once they were out though, they we're out and the next morning had Mark and I awake before them, stealing into the shower for turns in the large tiled stall. Once the girls were up we walked over to breakfast and sat down to eggs, bacon, ham, pancakes and fresh fruit. Half way through breakfast Lily burst into tears, claiming her foot was "sparkly." Mark stripped off her shoe and sock, inspecting it for anything that could have poked or bitten her while we both tried to figure out what it meant to have a "sparkly" foot.

"Is it like a sharp poke or a bruise?" I asked.
"It's SPARKLY!" she insisted.
I pictured little bursts in my mind, desperate to figure out what was making her yelp in pain with every touch when it finally dawned on me. "OH! Your foot fell asleep!" Mark practically smacked his head in a big fat DUH! After rubbing her foot a bit, she was giggling from it tickling rather than sparkling.

Back on the road after breakfast, we kept steady on with one small ice cream break until Loreto. The streets in Loreto are currently a mess of construction, so getting around was a bit bumpy. We found a café suggested by our travel book but it was closed, despite the posted hours. Just next door was sign offering chicken in mole sauce or dorado taquitos for about $3.50 so we went for it. The taquitos were delicious and the girls shared a plate of chicken (sin mole) with rice and beans. We were gassed up and back on the road within 20 minutes, pressing on for La Paz. The girls did so well throughout the entire trip, we were thrilled with their ability to handle the long stretches of sitting in the car seat. About forty minutes before we rolled into La Paz, both girls kinda went loopy. Lily started serving "cake" of various concoctions (cactus and chocolate, for instance) and Anya started yelling, "I'm a PRINCESS! Give me my jewlery!" It made for a smashing end.

We arrived about 5pm and set to the very important work of playing. Tonight we stay in one room, then tomorrow another since the B&B is very full. All I care about is some sleep, but wonder how well it'll go in this heat. Once we crossed into Baja Sur, the weather crossed to hot, muggy and intense.

Ah well, at least we never hit (or speared) a cow.