date night

Some friends and I recently developed a date night program so that we could all get a chance to get away and have more frequent one-on-one time with our hunk-a-hunk's of burning love.

The gist of the idea is this:

  • take six families and a total of eight kids
  • take Saturday nights
  • one of the six nights you host the gang of kids at your home
  • one of the six nights you help out at someone else's home
  • four of the six nights you go out with your husband and have a lovely time

 It's win/win all around.

Last Saturday was our first go and Mark and I hit up a movie with our four hours off.  It was tight, timing wise, but the girls had a blast and we enjoyed an overly loud movie with craploads of action and very little plot.  YAY!  Tonight is the second pass and my girls are happily playing with their friends (the mama just sent me the photos to prove it) while I try to make the house look less like a tornado passed through the joint.  See, I'd like Mark to believe I'm a competent person while he's away.  Even if I'm not

I managed to do a little clean up after a trip to Target to look for Bridal Shower invites for the party I'm hosting (no luck). I propped up the persimmon tree with a 2x4 as it is so heavy with fruit it's trying to fall over.  Then I drank a hard cider too fast while eating left overs and watching the boob-tube for a bit.  Weeeee!  I feel happy!  And I still have an hour and half to go!  Which is good, because I have no interest in driving drunk.  And yes, it only takes ONE drink to make me loopy. 

What are you doing with your Saturday night?  Anything good?