It turns out that the lack of a diaper on a, let's say two-year-old child, renders said child completely incapable of normal speech.   Said child seems to be answering any and all questions in a mopey moan. 

"Would you like more milk?" should result in a joyful response of, "YES, please, Mama!  How kind of you to ask!"  Instead, it seems to be producing a low moaning, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" and then tears when said child gets NO MORE MILK!  Madness?  I should say so.

Tell me this is not the fault of the underwear.  Because I have buyers in LINE to snatch up my AIO's and I would really love to rid my home of any and all diaper paraphernalia.   Tell me that it's the other detail.  You know, the one that happens to be that she's TWO.  Because TWO will come and go but underwear is forever (until you're really old and revert to a life in depends, but I'll be dead before they hit that age and quite frankly, I'm OK with that).