File under: YIKES!

Item the first:
We got the statement from our health insurance regarding Mark's little hospital stay.  I love these things because they have utterly preposterous stuff in them that makes me giggle with the absurdity.  First there was the total for a day in the ER, followed by surgery, followed by an overnight with the worst possible food known to man: about $24,936.90.  Then the really funny part with the line that reads, "Nonallowed" and is followed by $9,351.29.  So what does this mean?  They just decide that it's not OK for the hospital for charge for certain things?  Or is that the mark down rate for having a contract with the health insurance company?  Does that mean that if I had no insurance I'd be in for almost $10k more than if I have coverage?  That's crazy talk.  Luckily we have a deductible, so we'll have to pay a much smaller number.  A number we can totally come up with right now, thank goodness.  Although I'm not sure if we also have to pay the ambulance directly or not and can't yet seem to find a straight answer.

Item the second:
A woman I know gave birth on Friday night to her second child, a daughter.  The yikes part is that she had her baby on the front lawn of the birthing center, as baby just came too fast to actually make it inside the building.  Everyone is fine but I keep having this awesome image of her as she carried her daughter inside, still attached to the cord and before she birthed the placenta.  Yet another reason why I feel we made the right choice in having our second daughter at home.  I doubt we would have even made it to the birth center with how quickly my labor progressed!

Item the third:
We went to a picnic in the park today where Lily ran off with another mom and her son to go feed the squirrels while Anya draped herself all over me in the heat.  I dumped Anya off my lap and jumped up when Lily started screaming hysterically and running for me.  Turns out the squirrel had been so eager for the item she was offering that it scratched her with it's claw as it grabbed at the food and managed to split her finger clean open.  The blood had sent her into a panic.  I had a friend run for my kit and once I sprayed some Rescue Remedy in her mouth and on top of her head, she instantly stopped screaming, much to everyone's surprise.  I love it when that stuff works.  She's OK, but certainly milking the reaction and loving that she finally got a band-aid (we have a rule that there must be blood to get a band-aid). 

Item the forth:
There is no item the forth.  Mark comes home in less than three hours and the kids will likely nap that long.  YAY for surviving another insane round of single parenting.  Just go ahead and shoot me before the next one, mkay?