ignore me, just whining

It's 10:35pm and since I know someone will be awake by 5am, I'd really like to go to bed.  But Lily is still awake in her top bunk, refusing to sleep while Anya keeps falling asleep, then waking to call out for me.  So.  If I go to bed (where I desperately need to be) will I spend all night running up and down the stairs, comforting Anya back to bed and telling Lily to just go to sleep, already?  Or should I take Anya downstairs to sleep with me and suffer through a night of feet in my belly and hands on my face? And why does this always happen when Mark is out of town? 

Speaking of, why do things on this property always fall apart when he's gone?  After a one hour trip away from the house this evening, we came home to discover a downed branch crossing the driveway.  Lucky for me, it was small enough I could drag it out of the way, but come on!  Why must the homestead conspire against me when he's away?

I need ice cream.