less than 60

It's less than 60 hours before we're heading South for a month in Mexico and I'm doing my best not to freak out.  We'll have some friends staying at the house taking care of things for us, so I'm not stressing about that aspect.  But being away for a month - A MONTH - is kinda big for me.  No cell phone, no TV, no routine, no income.  Yikes.  I know it'll be good.  I know it'll be an adventure.  I know that I'll take beautiful photos and watch my children blossom in such a rich cultural environment. 

I think what I'm afraid of is coming home.  Of returning to reality after so much freedom and time with my family and trooping through canyons and discovering beaches and eating ice cream while giggling with friends and spending endless hours in the pool and sitting in silence. 

Then there's packing.  I hate packing.  It makes me want to hyperventilate and hide under the bed.  The vast scope of what you could need/want just floors me.  Mark keeps reminding me that they have stores there and I know that to be true, but still.  All the freaking stuff we need to pack.

Of course, I also ought to mention that it'll take 20 car hours to get to our friends bed & breakfast.  We're doing it all over three or four days so we're not looking at too many long stretches in the car.  But that's still a lot of entertaining of wee ones to accomplish.  Any suggestions?  Anything I must see in Baja?  We'll be heading over to the mainland for a bit as well, but not too far East.  Anything to see there?   

It'll all be good, right?  Brilliant?  Wonderful?  Happy?  Adventurous!