on the mend

This morning when Mark told me that he was heading out to a group breakfast with Milton I burst into tears.   "I can't watch them alone!" I sobbed.  "I did it all day yesterday and it was so hard and I slept through a couple fights and I just can't do it again!"  He gathered me up in his arms and promised to stay, asking me what I needed, what he could do to help me feel better.  I fell back into a troubled sleep and awoke to a bowl full of fresh fruit and a warm muffin.  After eating and a hot shower, I felt so much better.  Slept some more, got dressed and made my way downstairs to cuddle with Anya for a while.

I'm thinking I can make the boat trip alright now.  We're bringing the tent so we can camp out on the beach if I'm feeling too queasy on the water.  We're hoping to spend two nights out there, but will head home tomorrow if I'm feeling too awful.  I think I'm on the mend though and am hoping that a couple of days in the open air will fix me up right.  Besides, there's the promise of more kayaking, which makes me a wee bit giddy.

I only took two photos yesterday but they turned out perfect.  Lily hasn't been napping much so yesterday at around 5pm, she stacked a couple pillows into the bottom shelf of a bookcase and sacked out.  She slept for about an hour.  She's so much like her dad was at this age.  He used to sleep in his toy chest or any little nook he could find.   

Silly girl

Another shot can be found here

I'll be off internet for a couple of days but am hoping to return with a disk full of photos to share.   Wish me luck and health!  I need it!