sarcasm and the four year old

Today when driving home from my Aunt's house I hear Lily say something to me in a flat tone.  Turning down the radio I ask, "What was that, Bug?"
And in the most deadpan, single toned, flat voice I've ever heard she replied, "Gee.  I really love you, Mom." I started laughing so hard both girls joined me with their sweet little giggles.  Then Lily stopped and asked, "Wait.  Why is that funny?"

How can she not know she's already a master of sarcasm?  Or is this just the inevitable when you live with my husband?


She's also mastered advertising.  When we went to Disneyland and did their Halloween Time* Trick or Treating thing one of the candies was these things called "Kissables", which are basically Hershey's answer to M&M's.  We let her have a small handful, which she reverently carried with her through Downtown Disney and all the way to the car, eating slowly and carefully.  She likes to savor treats for fear she may never see one again.  When we were well on our way home she asked, "Mommy?  What are these?"
"They're chocolate." I replied.
"But usually when I eat chocolate, it melts in my hand.  These didn't!"
Mark couldn't help himself, "Did they melt in your mouth, not in your hand?"
Sensing a trap, "Uh, yes."
She just didn't get why we were laughing so hard. 


In other news, Anya has decided to add extra syllables to words.
Blanket has become "ba-lank-a-let"  (Lily used to call them "grankets")
Bracelet has become "ba-race-e-let"
Necklace has become "ne-leck-a-lace"
and my personal favorite, Chocolate has become "Cho-lock-a-let"

Is it wrong of me to keep offering her chocolate just to hear her ask for more? 



*When you click the link for Halloween Time, take a moment to glance at the photo on the upper left of the page.  Flip through the event photo gallery as well and lemme know if you recognize anyone.   Not that I'm promoting anything.  Just saying you might see someone there you've seen before.  That's all.