So Mexico. Yeah

So we have these friends who own a bed and breakfast in La Paz, Baja.  You may remember that we visited them for a week last year (see our trip down, our visit to a private beach, a general update, and our day in Todos Santos) with my mom and step-dad.  We had a fantastic time and so enjoyed being with our friends that we promised we'd come down for an extended period next year.

It's next year.

So we're going for a month.  We're driving down (thus the reason we bought a car) in a couple of weeks.  Driving time is about 24 hours so we'll likely have to spend a couple of 8 hours days on the road, camping/staying in hotels as needed.  I'm not really looking forward to that part.  But once we're down there, it should be a wonderful time.  We're planning some side trips to the mainland and around Baja with our friends.   A couple of families from playgroup will be coming down one weekend as well. 

I'm appropriately freaked out about being away from my home for a month and trying to work out the logistics of getting my cat fed, my mail picked up and my bills paid (thank goodness for online Bill Pay).  We're bringing the dog with us, which is simultaneously a headache (needs updated shots, a heath certificate and new registration, not to mention the difficulties traveling with a bored dog) and a blessing (camping n the beach is better when you have an alarm system, won't have to pay someone to care for her). 

The bonus?  Free wi-fi while we're there!  So yes, you'll still hear from me. 

So that's Mexico. Yeah.  Any tips?