the family you choose vs the family you get

You ever listen to something someone in your family says, someone that is a full blood relation, and think, "Hell.  How did we EVER come from the same blood line?" and then listen to someone who is only family because of who someone else married and think, "Hell.  How did we NOT come from the same blood line?" and get really pissed off that your "true" relative can't be as loving, accepting and kind as the other person?  You ever just want to punch said relative in the nose for being so hurtful to this other person who is not "technically" a relative, but for whom you have the deepest affection and has done nothing but try to include everyone in their affections?  You ever just wish that the planets would align and your relative could try for a moment to meet you half way on topics that are near and dear to your heart, like say, parenting styles?  You ever just listen to the mean, dismissive things this relative says and wonder how they can claim to be a Christian and how your views of love became so divergent?

I'm just asking.  You know, in case you might have ever had that happen to you.