tiny to big

Home now and happy to be so.  We picked up right where I left them, abet with Anya in a big girl bed and wearing pull ups while she sleeps, underwear at home.  She's actually doing great while out, never wetting a pull up out there in the real world and we may be able to move to regular underwear for all occasions very soon.  Methinks my man is a genius.  Now I have a big sack of AIO (all in one cloth diapers for those of you not in the know) and I guess it's time to finally start thinking about selling them.  I cannot imagine my life without diapers but with the impending arrive of just such a plane of existence, I'm a little giddy.  Also?  She's totally weaned.  She's not asked once since I've returned and hadn't had any mommy milk for about a month prior to that.  My littlest little person has suddenly grown up. 

And yes, it scares me a little.  I keep wondering if now that everything is finding it's groove if I'll suddenly crave another baby.  I mean, I really HOPE not since we ran off and got Mark fixed and we both feel very strongly that our family is complete... at least the homemade version of it.  If we do decide to welcome more children into our lives we're perfectly happy adopting.  But I seriously adored being pregnant and birthing.  I never felt more powerful and beautiful in all my life.  If only I didn't have to have the massive influx of crazy-making hormones post-partum AND be expected to care for a new person.  If only I could have another baby and not feel like my life was rapidly spinning out of control.  Ah well, it's for the best.  Really. 

To be honest, I'm excited about this next phase.  This whole KID thing.  That's seriously awesome.  I already love the little conversations Lily and Anya share and absolutely crack when I hear Anya babbling away in the backseat, attempt to answer the question she asked, only to be loudly informed, "I TALKING TO LILY!"  OK, silly nut.  The stuff they come up with this priceless and makes me so happy my insides go all gooey for a moment and I don't know if I really can stand up straight.  Mark and I are constantly bending over in silent laughter, not wanting to disturb the moment that provided such humor but not able to fully contain it.  Such rich material, I tell you.

So yeah.

I'm a mom to two little girls now. No more babies in this house.  And I'm totally OK with that.