under sail

We headed back out onto the water today with my Aunt and Uncle in tow to see if we could really show off what Sybarite can do. The weather was perfect; the wind blowing just enough to give us a great ride but not make anyone sick. Milton gave Uncle Bob a lesson on driving the boat and then, with the guys and Susu all working in unison, unfurled the sails and cut the engine. She sailed beautifully, pushing over 8 knots on wind power alone and leaning the boat so far over to one side, I worried my napping girls would be tumbled straight out of their berth. We sailed for over an hour, occasionally correcting for the wind and enjoying the occasional spray of salt water on our skin. The girls played, Lily totally unaware of the dangers a boat can hold and me continually begging her to just be careful, or to sit down or to stay off the starboard side when we're learning so far over she could be dumped straight out into the Sea.

My Uncle? Totally in love. And the joy of keeping Sybarite in the family is that we'll get to keep using her. Score. Lots of photos over at Flickr; just click on the one below to take you there.

showing him