vacation is nice, but I'm not telling you about it

Turns out I have no interest in sharing my thoughts from the road.  Every time I try to write about my vacation, I find it boring and annoying and think, they don't care about a meaningless description of what I've been doing in obnoxious detail! 

The long and short of it is this:
I've been sleeping
I've been drinking
I've been eating out
I've been taking uninterrupted showers
I saw live theatre
I can leave my knitting out without fear of attack from child or animal
I saw a movie and loved it
I've peppered the town with post-it's

But more importantly, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to:
Miss my kids
Miss my husband
Be ready to go home

Of course, I'm not sure I should go home.  Since I left Anya has almost completely potty learned, she's started sleeping on a real bed (rather than a mattress on the floor) and Mark has single handedly solved the issue of world hunger (look for your food packages in the mail next week.  You're welcome).  He tells me everyone is doing great, he's handling single parenting with style and grace, nothing bad has happened... it's like that bit of the world just hums along oh so nicely without me.  WTF? I had such high hopes.  YES, I actually hoped that he would find it as overwhelming as I do.  I was hoping that I would arrive home to find the children clinging to me in relief and the husband's hair all wild and his eyes all loopy and crazed.  I was hoping it was not just me that is dysfunctional.  Dammit. 

Maybe I should just stay here until he cries uncle?  I'd consider it if Allyn had internet in her home.  But seriously, if I stay what other leaps could my children make?  Will Lily be reading and writing if I hold out a week longer?  Will they be able to make us breakfast in ten to fourteen days?  Will they learn to sleep in later than 5:30am?  I have such high hopes.  If only I didn't miss their silly faces.

I head home tomorrow and will be back to the real world (which includes internet whenever I want it!) then.  In the meantime, make lists of what you think my husband could accomplish if only I stayed here in the East Bay, hanging out in cafe's and reading the paper for hours in the morning.