running away from home

I took a break from blogging. Kind of a big one. I have lots of theories about why that happened, but I'm not really interested in spending all my time on that and would instead prefer to jump back into things, if I can. 

So we're on the road. For five weeks. Because when your life (as you know it) falls apart, you might as well run away from home. With your whole family.

It's been one hell of a year. 

We've lost friends (both physically and emotionally), we've lost two dogs (one to poisoning and one to old age), we lost our jobs (one by choice, the other notsomuch), we've run into one road block after another on the house we're trying to build; in short, we've struggled. And that's just how 2014 has been. 

We've been rolling with it, the best we can. Thankfully our marriage has never been stronger due to all we've had to navigate and all the talk-talk-talking and all the making it work, dammit. And after 14 years of marriage, a good old series of crisis can be just the thing to bring a couple closer.

How nice for us, right?

When we found ourselves unemployed at the same time and had no obligations for the rest of the summer, we set to the very serious work of running away from home. We theorized that, with some new dirt under our feet and a big dose of day to day survival, we might be able to get our heads clear enough to figure our lives out a little.

So far we've traveled up the West Coast, made a hard right at Seattle and are currently nestled into the woods outside of Spokane with some good friends. This trip has been filled with stunningly beautiful people and outrageous landscapes, both of which have been soothing to this weary soul. Currently we're holed up for most of a week while The Mister makes some repairs/alterations to our traveling home. Side bonus: he gets to cultivate one of his favorite bromances with his beer drinking, repair making, gun toting buddy. It's kinda cute.

We're trying to determine what route we'll take South. Shall we go a little more East and see Hell's Canyon? Or should we cut to the West and check out Crater Lake? These are the kinds of decisions one has to make when they've run away from home. That and, "How are we feeding ourselves today?"

The other decisions involve "What comes next?" The Mister has a job lined up for September and I have a couple of offers on the table. I have promised myself and those offering that I won't make a decision until I return from our trip. After five years in a job I was really good at but I didn't really enjoy, I'm trying to make a very clear picture in my mind about what I want my professional life to look like. It's freeing, setting this kind of intent. And the cool thing is that I feel like the desires I have already identified are totally doable. That feels a little bit like magic.

There so much more I could say about this trip, but I have to give myself a reason to return to this blog, so will end on a note about magic:

It's everywhere.