Prepping to Burn

Making family memories on the shore of Crater Lake

Making family memories on the shore of Crater Lake

Since we ran away from home on rather short notice, we're getting ready for our pilgrimage to Burning Man on the fly. Mark stashed a full tool kit on-board and has been making repairs and modifications to the trailer in campgrounds all over the West Coast. The looks you get when you whip out power tools and start attaching stuff to your moving home... it's kinda worth it. I even took a Sharpie to the car-top carrier and added a couple of Burning Man symbols for kicks, after we found ourselves hollering at a passing bus with a big image on the back.

Currently we're in Nevada City, where the Mister's mom lives. With only a few days to go before we head out to Black Rock City, we're hitting thrift stores like hippie gangsters. Today I found a blue fuzzy jacket to take the chill out of desert evening, turned it inside-out so it shows all the fuzzy bits and cut out the label so I don't look like I was drunk when I got dressed. Which could actually be the case because: Burning Man. I've decided it makes me look like Sulley from Monsters, Inc. And I'm hoping to help it along with purple hair, which I think I can track down in this little town.

I also found this amazing dress like object, but had to rip a couple seams to make it work. Thankfully my mother-in-law has offered to sew up the rough edges for me, as I am rather useless with a sewing machine. I actually break them like I'm trying to destroy all the things in the universe (it's a curse). And this sewing machine, I cannot break. It belonged to my mother-in-laws Grandmother and is hella pretty and (for someone like me) hella intimidating in it's simplicity. So I don't touch it, which seems wise.

Meanwhile, we're figuring out what needs to go out to Black Rock with us and what will fly home with our children. Who, by the way, are flying without us for the first time ever. Their Uncle is going to fly with them, so we're not actually doing the unaccompanied minor thing; still feels like a big deal anyway. I had a blast of a conversation with the agent at the airline, who also has an eleven-year-old daughter, about the importance of time away from your kids. "I send my daughter off to see Grandma and she comes back a whole different kid. It's like those two weeks teaches her so much... I just can't believe it!" We also made fun of people who don't text, but that's another story.

I can't believe we're already half way through this trip. It's been so very good for us, as a family. As our girls get closer and closer to their teen years, we're looking for ways to make sure they stay connected and it turns out this was a damn good one. Their love for each other and their trust for us has grown exponentially over the last three weeks and we feel so grateful that the universe took away our jobs so we could do this trip. It's crazy to feel that way, for sure. But the opportunities we've been offered as a result have been life-changing in such a positive way.

Hopefully I'll get one more chance to check in here before I run off to the desert and hit radio silence in the wifi-wasteland that the desert can be. We have early entry for the event so will likely be out there Thursday or Friday. And then we'll say Hi in September. How are you wrapping up your summer?