What love and loss can give


Our last full day in Nevada City was spent honoring the fella that started it all. My Mister comes from a pretty amazing family and just a couple of months ago, we lost the patriarch, a fine gentleman of 99-years who went by the nickname of Zacco. With us in town on our Epic Road Trip and the rest of the family close enough to make a day or overnight visit, we gathered together on what used to be family land to tell stories, laugh together and say our goodbye. It was a long, emotional, and beautiful day with the family and at the end, Zacco's ashes ran in the same water as his wife's, who we lost 17-years-ago.

telling stories

It was a fantastic way to end this part of our trip, knowing our daughters are surrounded with the kind of people who can stand together in a circle and honor the past while looking to the future with such care and sensitivity. My girls are learning how to hold up in the face of deep loss (which we've had too much of this year) and reach out to those around them for comfort and support. This year has been so damn hard for them and they are so much stronger than I could have ever imagined. We've joked that this year is giving them more character than they know what to do with, but in all honesty, they are showing me how much they already have and what fine people they are. I feel so lucky to share my life with these people.

Today we leave our strong girls with their Grandparents and head East to the desert, where we'll spend a little over a week in Black Rock City. Weather reports claim it'll be an excellent week to be at Burning Man, but I have no faith in such things. It'll be what it will be. And we're learning that not knowing and sometimes being uncomfortable is just how it is. This is what loss is teaching me: to sit in discomfort, hope for the best (even though it won't always deliver), and find my way through with the love of those around me.

The rest isn't up to me, anyway.