Building a Bed

Years ago when we lived in a house that was up-side-down. The bedroom was on the top floor and there were skylights and vaulted ceilings and LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT! It was amazingly alive, that space, which was not so very wonderful when you were trying to sleep. Downstairs the living room was dark and broody and perfect for watching movies, but not so much for being productive during the day. But it was the first home we bought together and we loved it. We got a dog and took long walks through the neighborhood and bought a real bed. In that big space, our new bed had to have a frame that could compete, so we got a cherry sleigh bed and we loved it.

When we moved to the house we're in now, one that is not up-side-down, we stuck our sleigh bed in our dark, cave like bedroom and we said, "hurmph". It was too big in there. But it was what we had, so we lived with it. Then we moved upstairs into a loft bed and rented out our cave bedroom, putting the cherry sleigh bed into storage. And years later, when we moved back into the cave bedroom, my mother helped us buy a new bed.

And now we had this beautiful bed that had nobody to sleep in it. We tried to sell it on criagslist, but we were unsuccessful. "Why don't we turn it into a garden bed?" I asked Mark.
"A garden bed?"
"Yeah, we could plant things in it."

We did the math and realized that to build a raised bed, we'd spend about what we'd get if we sold it. And so we set to work.


Mark, setting up the frame in the spot of choice.


Putting in a garden bed today. #GingerLeafFarm

Frame is assembled, but will need more support.



Laying in plywood and building up the sides.



Weed cloth to help retain soil.


A few more loads of dirt and compost and it will be ready to plant!

We put tiles under the feel so it wouldn't sink into the ground and then filled it with soil and compost. It's about this point where we realize we put it SO FAR AWAY and now we're dead with carrying buckets.



Figuring out where to put the seedlings. At first, I was all super thoughtful. By the time Lorien showed up, I went kinda mad and we just threw stuff in there.


A good long drink of water.

We planted:

  • Four different kinds of heirloom tomatoes
  • jalapeños
  • cabbage
  • kale
  • pole beans
  • a bunch of random volunteers

We'll see what survives! (fingers crossed, touch wood, spit spit, etc)