What's next?

Making strawberry shortcake with fresh organic strawberries and this GF cake recipe.

This week, life came at me full force, smacked me around a little and then gave me jacked up dreams (did you know that if you misplace your car at Costco, you might stumble across a lion in the warehouse? TRUTH, SO CLAIMS MY HEAD!). Really, it's not that big of a deal, life. Things happen, you cope, then you say, "What's next?" And most of the time, my "What's next?" is hopeful, cheery and ready. But this week, I had so much on my plate that my "What next?" became something of a horrified shriek.

Earlier today Mark tried to take me and the girls to the lake to ride bikes and I broke down in tears. "I have to do this! I have to get this done RIGHT NOW and you're offering to take me to the lake?" I could have attached a "HOW DARE YOU!?" to that sentence, I was so clearly incredulous. Luckily I heard myself and pulled back. "I feel so guilty right now. I haven't had any time for you or the kids. Please," I begged, "please don't ask me to fix this right now." And he didn't. 

I finished the thing I was working on, took a deep breath, donned my big straw hat and walked out into the yard. Snagging a pair of clippers and a small bucket, I headed to the lower orchard wanting to check on the aphid situation on the citrus. Last week, they came on like a nightmare, those stupid little bugs. I found evidence of white fly on the orange, too. So I spent a few minutes clipping off damaged leaves and breathing in the smell of orange blossoms and collecting the random bits of trash that come in on the wind.

The chickens were thrilled with the buggy leaves I gave them and my heart slowed down watching them race around the coop with their bounty. Shortly after, Lorien showed up with a couple pounds of organic strawberries from Costco (she assured me she saw no lions) and I set to hulling them and getting them ready for shortcake. We fed the strawberry tops to the chickens and cracked up as one of them YELLED for more.

Amazing how healing connecting to the land can be.

There's still too much to do. But half an hour in the sun and some dirt under my nails and I feel like I can start calming down my "What's next?" I just have to get through this weekend. I can do that. Pinky swear.

What's brings you back to center?