lady beetle

So many things happening at the Farm, I don't even know where to start. Before we started this little experiment, I had days off from my "real job" and I would spend them reading the paper while sipping coffee and then I'd take a nap. Okay, so I'd actually spend the day fantasizing about that line up while getting chores and errands done, but at least it was at a leisurely pace.

Now my days "off" are UP AND GO GO GO GO! And it's not a bad thing, for sure, but sometimes I want to yell, "COME ON! I NEED A NAP!" And that's usually when I actually go take a nap, because when you're yelling at the chickens, it's time for a freaking nap.

But then.

Then there's the really wonderful part of all of this: Lorien and her family moved in. Granted, not to their forever home (still in permitting, people) but into a bitchin' sweet trailer we found on craigslist that comes from some fellow burners.

Full image of Trailer getting installed

We set it up, Mark & Lorien spent some time doing repairs and then they simply moved in. Amazing. We've held a knitting night there already, and in addition to being a cool place to hang out, it's giving us an idea what living in community feels like.

It feels awesome.

There's been many a shared meal, borrowing of things, laundry talk, gardening, kid care sharing, dogs everywhere and overall amazingness. So far, I'm totally in love with this.

And things are growing in the garden! Which, you would expect if you've ever been successful at gardening before. Let me assure you: I have not. Not really. Never. Things THRIVE when you pay attention, people. This is shocking to me, though my parenting should have tipped me off that it works universally.

My last post (almost a month ago, *ahem*) was about the putting together a garden bed. NOW LOOK AT IT:


Seriously, nobody could have predicted that. Except for all people who have ever gardened before, but we're not counting reasonable people in that statement.

Speaking of, does anyone have any idea what this is:

what is this?

It's taking over the garden bed and does not appear to be cabbage. Or at least, that's what Lorien says. But the seed packet that I believe it came from claims it's a Nikki Chinese Cabbage. Anyone have experience with this stuff? I clearly don't.

Lots of other things are popping up too:

growing beans radish

apples! peas

Oh, and after several bee hives gave us the middle finger and swarmed off for greener pastures, we finally have a hive that's staying put. Interestingly enough, this hive came from the school, where it had attempted to make a home in the bushes between the art class and the Jr High. Our friend Alex extracted it and brought it on over and they've been very happy ever since. We may even get honey some day!

It's super exciting, ALL THE THINGS happening. And it's keeping us busy, my friends.

What's keeping you busy?