Well that didn't work out

About a month ago we borrowed an incubator, got ourselves some fertile chicken eggs, and set to hatching some chickens. The girls made up charts, committed to the idea of turning their eggs three times a day and then... they kinda lost interest.

Us adults did our best to keep up and manage the kids waining interest, but with some crazy weather messing with the holding temp and kids being, well, kids, it didn't go as planned.

We used a flashlight to check on the progress and it appeared only one egg was on track for full development. But after 21 days and not a single wiggle, we started to think this wasn't going to end well. Sure enough, when we finally gave up we found that our one prospective chick had come thisclose and then given up the fight. Poor little chickie.

I'm hoping the kids learned something in the process, but who knows what the take away will eventually be for them. It may be that they will learn that their lack of commitment to a living creature can have disappointing results for them and devastating results for the creature. But it's more likely that they just remember this experiment as that one time they made the science teacher at school (who will be receiving the chick in a jar) squeal with delight.

The image below may be disturbing to some visitors. Please scroll down only if you are in it for the science.