It's always "c"


We've been trying to make GingerLeaf Farm a reality for years. YEARS of planning and plotting out the vision and talking about what our community needs and how we can help it and how we want to live with shared resources and help not just ourselves and be part of something bigger and change the world, obviously. It's been inspiring, at times, to live with this level of faith in a vision. But mostly, it's been frustrating to have something so beautifully perfect just outside your reach. Because all of this is possible; that we know for certain.

But Money, people. Money be bitchy and evasive and so damn hard to satisfy. And Money likes to hang out with Bureaucracy. They are BFF's, for sure. 

7 days: 2 ~ pumpkin inspectors

Building the farmhouse and getting the orchard in was supposed to be done by now. We're already supposed to be holding farm days and community workshops. We should have a herd of goats by now. We should have expanded the chicken coop. We're already supposed to be doing SO MUCH. Instead, we're spending that precious time with planning departments and contractors and watching as the cost of this project skyrockets. It's more than doubled in cost since when we first started out and taken so long that hope is starting to seem like stupidity. And we haven't even been able to break ground (see: bureaucracy). 

Growing 3/27/13

Last night the adults at the farm sat down and had a really hard talk. We had a decision to make:

  • a) walk away and give up,
  • b) take a loan deal that could cost us everything (the land, the house, the orchard), or
  • c) try to find another way to keep moving forward

We spent a good half hour talking about "a". But it's not the kind of people we are. It's just not.

And "b" was so tempting. "B" could have let us break ground in two weeks. TWO WEEKS FROM RIGHT NOW. But a high risk interest only loan from private investors is just fraught with opportunities to get your legs (metaphorically) broken by the dealer on the corner. We've worked too hard to risk everything because we are tired.

August in the Garden

For the type of people we are, it's always going to be "c". It has to be "c". But "c" means more time in limbo and more hustling and more begging and more struggle. And more of Lorien's family living in a travel trailer. Which, you might guess, is getting old. 

So here's where we are: we're highly considering a Kickstarter Project and asking our community to put their money where their mouth is. So many people have been encouraging us to keep going and been so excited about all we want to do, that just maybe we could make it happen. But we need connections to people who can promote the campaign. We need donations of things we can include in the incentives (I have not one, but TWO celebrity chefs who have expressed interest in helping us, so there's that). I need people to show us how important our vision is to them. Or tell us that it isn't. In other words, it's one thing to build something for someone else, but maybe we should ask them if they even want it.  

So how important is it? I need to know what you all really think. Because honestly, we're starting to lose our faith. 

GingerLeaf Farm