Remember my post about my little container garden? Look what it’s done!

Basil and chives pepper pumpkin

The basil and chives are going insane, the peppers are all happy and budding like crazy and the pumpkin is going to have to be moved to a place where it can sprawl because OMG it’s going all over the place. And I caught this little dude pollinating my pumpkin, so it looks like we may actually get one! I know, my timing is totally off and all, but who knows what could happen. Seriously. What could happen? I’m ASKING here.
The garden’s not the only thing growing around here. Look who is sitting up!

Look who's sitting up!

She can’t get into that position on her own but now, if you set her down like that and walk away, she won’t fall down right away! If she lunges for a toy or sneezes or the moon goes all “woogie woogie” then she’s over in a heart beat, but for a while she’ll make you think she’s all styling with her sitting up brilliance.

Crawling comes next and won’t THAT be fun!

Lily is doing really well with the potty business. She’s had a bit of a set back this weekend but I thinking it’s because she’s been ill. Poor thing is all vomity and poopy and all “hold me, I’m a MESS!” So I guess she really shouldn’t be under a post about growth, but I didn’t want her to be left out. Even covered in her own sick she’s outrageously cute. And I love her big brown eyes.

OH, and Mark made Lily a tree swing! Which has turned her into even more of a whiny brat with the “swing swing swing swing swing swing” moan that does not stop. But at least while on it and someone is pushing her (incessantly) she’s happy.

And yes, I’m all hopped up on sugar. And I need to go to bed. Seriously.