Random things Lily learned today


  • Cookies should be sampled at every stage of making, despite Mama’s cries of, “NO, ick, Salmonella! GAH!”
  • Mama is insanely proud of her tiny container garden that has managed to live almost one whole week.
  • It’s OK to sniff Mama’s rosemary but if you rip the basil apart, Mama is scary.
  • Mama may just have a clue what she's talking about when she says, "I wouldn't eat that, jalapenos are spicy hot."
  • Mama doesn’t like big hairy spiders. Especially when she discovers she has laid the baby down on a blanket next to a really freaky one… ½ an hour ago.
  • Stomp is simultaneously scary and exhilarating. You cannot help but dance around like a freak when they get going.
  • Butternut squash is dinner yet dessert! YAY!
  • Tying your own shoes is damn near impossible.
  • There is nothing you can do when you start peeing unexpectedly. Even if you’re standing on Daddy’s favorite chair, ready to jump off of it at him.
  • Daddy is much nicer than Mama about peeing on favorite chairs.
  • Roaring at the cat won’t make her run away.
  • Unless you also flail your arms and scream, “Go ‘way, GO ‘WAY!”
  • Jerking your hand around just as Mama goes to trim a fingernail is inadvisable. Everybody cries.
  • Anya enjoys getting hugs, as long as she can still breathe.
  • When Mama allows you to take a picture, get as close as possible.
  • Mama is just slightly insane.
  • And finally, Mama will get really annoyed if you don’t click over and look at her pictures of the tiny container garden. Say nice things and complement her prowess as a gardener. If you don’t, she’ll cry and throw dirt… totally acceptable if you’re a two-year-old. Not so pretty at 30.

My container garden