pomegranate season

on deck

The pomegranates have turned a deep red on the tree and we've finally been able to put an end to our wait, plucking two ripe bells to share.  Mark splits the first in half under water and then breaks it into sections, handing one to Lily, one to me, one for himself and when Anya awakes, the final quarter goes to her. The second will be shared with friends this evening.

I love the lessons the pomegranate reminds me to heed:
1. wait - this is the most simple of lessons.  You pull the fruit too soon and it's useless.  Let them languish on the tree for a wee bit longer.  Be patient.
2. gentle hands - if you try to hurry the seeds from the flesh they will burst and release the juice all over your hands rather than in your mouth where it surprises your tongue with sweet and tart all at once.  They must be gently popped from their base to be properly enjoyed.
3. slow down - putting a single seed in your mouth will allow you to fully enjoy the flavor.  When I rush and toss a handful back at once, the favor drains quickly and I'm left with a mouthful of hard, tasteless seeds.
4. share - there's nothing more delightful than watching your children discover this fruit.  They love the hunt, the release, the burst of flavor, the chase of loose seeds across the kitchen floor, sharing with a sibling, showing mama and daddy how it's done and calling it by the wrong name (currently going by "coconut" around here).

 I'm sure there's more to these rules, but the persimmons are about to come ripe and I don't want to miss 'em.

 PS I love fall in Southern California.  It's my favorite time of year!  What fall crop to you most anticipate?