pressures on, folks

A couple days ago a friend called me up and asked if I wanted his four chickens.  They have a smallish backyard and as the weather has started warming up, he and his family are starting to get an idea of what chicken poop really smells like.  Couple that with the fact they have a newborn and, well, the chickens have to go. 


Guess what we've spent the weekend working on?

The coop is almost done, but we'll have to stick the chickens in a temporary home for a few more days.  But hey, I got to learn how to use a jigsaw!  That was wicked fun.  I have to get back out there, so in the meantime, here are some pictures for you to enjoy:

putting up the yard
Mark, our friend Larry, and my dad putting up the yard

drills are fun
I don't have any photos of Mark putting together the coop, but here I am drilling the holes for the jigsaw blade.  It gets pretty warm here and we want lots of ventilation for the coop.  We'll paint as well.

broke the blade
Um, yeah.  I broke the jigsaw blade.  I was informed that happens all the time.  I think Mark was just being nice.

nesting boxes will go...
Nesting boxes will go between the moons, but a bit lower. They'll stick out and have little roofs we can pull off to collect the eggs from outside.

Chicken view
Chicken views.

getting closer
Still needs a gate, some more wire, a ramp for the hens, nesting boxes, paint, and a roof on the coop.

Off to keep working on the thing!