Meet the ladies

 Forgive my voice getting all stupid there... I kinda love the chickens.

So the hens are settling in nicely, even gifting us with an egg today (which we didn't expect).  They tend to run in pairs with Sparkle Heart (Lily decided that "Sparkle" was insufficient) and Sassafras, the Ameraucanas, running skittishly together and Henrietta (the Buff Orpington) and Isabella (Anya settled on that name for the Rhode Island Red) walking right up to us and trying to eat our freckles.

"Sparkle Heart" and Sassafras

these two are very friendly

Henrietta is an absolute riot and loves to check out the camera:
Henrietta says HI!

Maya is having a hard time.  She really, really wants to see the chickens UP CLOSE.  Here's a sample of her craziness:

 They're really cool, so far.  Can't wait to see what craziness they get into.