chicken's need water, duh

7 Days: 4 - chicken care
Brought the chickens some oatmeal this morning and then refilled their waterer, a clever, though awkward contraption made by the Mister. See, it's a trashcan and a big plastic serving platter someone left here after a party. Notch small hole in rim of trashcan, fill trashcan with water, put platter atop, FLIP! carefully, and viola, instant chicken waterer.

In fact, a lot of the coop was made with items the Mister had pack-ratted away over the years. The coop itself was made with old stage platforms, the hardware for the door came from an old carpentry gig, the hinges on the egg boxes came from another job, the door into the chicken yard is an odd shaped bit of plywood left over from something random, the roof of the yard is a discarded ocotillo fence, etc etc. All in all, I think he spent less than $100 total (mostly on the support lumber you see) on the whole project.

He's handy, that Mister of mine.