Goodbye to Sassy; hello to Lola, Rose & Starly

It turns out that it was all for nothing.  Sassy did really well for a couple days, seeming to get better.  Then yesterday she started sitting really awkwardly and looking like there was just nothing left to her.  When Mark went to check on her this morning, she was in terrible shape and obviously in pain, so he decided it was best to end it for her. The girls showed up at the end and he explained it to them... they seemed to understand. Anya needed to be sad for a while, so he held her on his lap and let her cry. I was (thankfully) at work when this all went down.  Lorien, who I went to visit at the Farmer's Market after I got off work and found out, reminded me how very awesome my husband is.  He didn't call me up at work and expect me to make this decision.  He just saw that it had to happen and released me from the responsibility of it.  I am truly grateful to him for that.
When we got back from our vacation last week Mark built a small coop (which he likes to call the Mini-Cooper, for obvious reasons) as we planned to get more chickens as soon as possible.  It was the perfect place to put Sassy for recovery; nobody could pick on her and she had a nice, soft, enclosed space to be.  We figured we'd wait until she was better to get the new chickens but when the girls discovered Mark post-chicken-murder, he promised them we'd try to get new ones today.

SO. First we tried the feed store nearby, since they always have pullets. 
Today? No.

I'd remembered seeing chicks at our favorite nursery (which also has a barnyard) so we headed over there on a whim. I asked Bill if he had any chicks but he had none for sale, so told us if we could catch a couple adult chickens from his barnyard, we could have them. We took home three: two smaller ones and a big red. They are getting acquainted with our current chickens through a fence and will join the main coop in a couple days time.

And, despite my reservations regarding naming this bunch, there was no keeping the girls from assigning them names. So, without further ado:

Meet Lola
Meet Lola
She's a bantam sized, buff colored bird who has nothing but attitude.

In the middle is Starly
In the middle is Starly

She's a bantam sized, Americana (which is what both Sparkle Heart & Sassafras are/were) looking girl who seems pretty damn skittish. She was the hardest of the three to catch as Mark and I ran around the barnyard like idiots.

And here's Rose
Meet Rose
She's most likely a Rhode Island Red and is the only one of the three who totally got that the stuff we were throwing at her was for eating.  The other two have no clue what to do with table scraps, but will likely pick it up quickly.

And if you want to know why they'll be spending a few days in a smaller, separate coop, here's why:

Here's hoping things will go a bit better for these three girls.  If not, Bill just told me to bring them back and chase another around the yard to replace it.  See why it's our favorite nursery?