And now we have five...

We lost another chicken.

This one got nabbed by a coyote, we think.  She was one of the new ones and was simply not smart enough to stay put inside the hen house one night.  Mark found her in the morning and disposed of all but the array of feathers left behind.

The two new bantams are refusing to stay put as well, often finding opportunities to escape and simply not coming back at night.  I don't see them lasting too much longer and am considering bringing them back to Farmer Bill before someone nabs them as well.  They're not laying either, or at least if they are, they're not doing so in the coop.  We've gotten one, teeny-tiny egg from them so far, which is ridiculously cute.  Wanna see?

little and big

But I'm thinking we need to get chicks so they can learn that the hen house is home and we are safe.  At this rate, we're just going to keep finding dead chickens and that is simply no good.
At least I hadn't gotten attached to the new chickens.