a very special bundle of fluff

On Saturday morning we packed the girls in the car and drove out to pick up a very special bundle of fluff.  Want to see what we got? 

Five ten-day-old Rhode Island Red pullets who all look about like this:
so soft

And five ten-day-old Barred Rock pullets who have the biggest, darkest eyes ever:

The girls are very excited.

Lily is more hands on than Anya, though still a bit skittish about the whole thing.  You can see how she reacted to them eating out of her hands in this video:

The dog is super excited and would like nothing more for us to simply look the other way while a chick is in reach.
please to taste?

And when they flap their little wings?  Yeah, it's all she can do to not put her mouth on the little things.  So far so good but we are being very careful when she's around them.
meeting the dog

Any one-on-one time with our big silly lab produces the loudest of "peeps" and this face:

But waking up to the soft little sound of ten chicks saying "peep" is awesome.  I'm going to be a little sad when they get too big to sleep in a box in our bedroom.  Although by then, they may be a bit louder and more obnoxious.

Not to be forgotten, the big chickens are happily enjoying the nice weather and all the green that has popped up with the recent rains.  Here they are coming when I called them:
Big Chickens in the Yard

We're currently working on a garden plan, have a huge pile of concrete rubble that we're building retaining walls from and tree branches ready to cut for more landscaping projects.  Next we're thinking about getting a goat.  Thoughts?