Cheeping along to Freddie Mercury

Friday was Mark's last day of full time work, spitting him out onto the job market at an awesome time in our economy.  You'd think I'd be more panicked about that.  But not so much.  We have always found a way to get by and at least we have a gorgeous four story theatre complex with a stunning black-box theatre (which features a fully trapped stage... theatre geeks, commence the ohhhhs and ahhhs!), education center and banquet hall to show for his time.  Not many of us can point to something vital to the community and say, "I helped build that."  I'm insanely proud of that man and the work he did.

But, in absence of a project to manage, he did get itchy for more chickens.  On Sunday we drove out to a 4-H-er's home and picked up seven new chicks, bringing our total chicken count to twenty.  These new babies are only five-days-old and so cute you want to just pop them all in your mouth at once.  And yes, I know that doesn't make a damn bit of sense.  But just look at them:
so soft and fuzzy
This one is a Buff Orpington and is the one that makes me most melty.  I can't stop touching that fuzzy little head of hers.
standing in your food
Chicks learn quickly that standing in your food is a good way to protect it.  If by "protect" you mean that you might get poop in it and other chicks will be constantly nipping at your feet.
the fuzziness is eating her face
I'm a little afraid her face will get lost in all that fuzz.
in love
Lily is deeply in love.  Anya has always been a bit suspicious but today got brave enough to hold one.  I haven't caught a picture of her with a chick yet, since she spooks easily when you point a camera at her, but I'll get her yet.

And finally, a tiny video for your amusement.  Lorien said her favorite part of this video was the cheeping along to Freddie Mercury.  I have to agree.