How Does Your Garden Grow? *cough FUNGUS cough*

The Mister has been working himself silly 'round these parts with lots of home improvement projects. We were lucky enough to score several hundred dollars worth of fruit trees for free recently so we've moved forward with creating our orchard* on the hillside, complete with irrigation system that critters (like gophers and bunnies and coyotes) can't gnaw through to get at the water when it's hot. Mark even set it up on a timer so it'll water in the early morning without us even thinking about it. I love technology.

Of course, I went to go check things out today and discovered we have Peach Leaf Curl on a couple of the trees.
Peach Leaf Curl
I love the diversity of advice out there on treating this fungus. Some say, "Meh, it depends solely on the weather, you can't do anything" to "pick up and dispose of affected leaves and spray copper next Winter" to "Get out the blow torch and bomb the orchard, you're screwed forever. Why did you think you could grow things?" I decided to collect the affected leaves for the trash and then go talk to my favorite farmer. Farmer Bill always knows what to do. At least, I hope he will...

I was also delighted to discover that of the four Mulberries we got this year, one was covered in tiny little berries, just waiting to grow up big and strong so we can eat them.
I'll admit that when I first saw them from a bit of a distance, I thought they were some crazy-ass bug that was trying to further ruin my image as a gardener. Imagine my delight when I realized I will soon be able to eat those delicious little not-bugs!

In addition to planting trees, Mark has also been working on putting in steps down the side of the house as well as building a ramp off the front porch so we can move the wheel barrel around without killing anyone.
no more death by giant pit
It's really pretty amazing. I had no idea you could build a fancy looking ramp in a morning. I envisioned WEEKS! Which, to be fair, is how long it took him to get to the project after he removed the wooden stairs that had been there. Seriously, when Sonja came to visit, I had palpitations about making a pregnant woman jump off my porch to go visit the chickens. But that's how we roll around here. DANGEROUSLY.

Next up is putting in the stairs, which you can see he started to cut into the hillside for here:
Cutting in the stairs
Working with urbanite is awesome. IT'S FREE. We know a guy who will come drop off broken concrete whenever we ask and then Mark builds things with the stuff. Takes forever, sure, but did I mention it's free? And I love the look.

As always, there's a ton more happening in our world, I just don't have the time to report it anymore. The 7 Days Photography Projects starts tomorrow though, so if you want to see what self portraits I'm making time for, you can follow along here.
*The orchard current has:

  • 1 Avocado (not yet in the ground)
  • 3 Cheramoyas
  • 6 Figs (2 planted, 4 waiting for homes)
  • 1 Double Delight Nectarine
  • 1 Eva's Pride Peach
  • 1 Babcock Peach
  • 1 Santa Rosa Plum
  • 3 Loquats
  • 4 Mulberries