Perfect day to hang laundry


Perfect day to hang laundry. by Wannabe Hippie

We've had Santa Ana's all week with hot, dry winds coming from the East. Today was breezy and lovely, perfect for hanging laundry on the line. I even did some research as to how to properly hang items, so I feel totally competent and everything. I imagine most of you are tilting your head at me and wondering why one would need to look up how to hang laundry. This skill was not one I learned as a kid; back then I systematically rebuffed all my mother's attempts to teach me how to be a girl. There were only boys in my neighborhood and I learned early and often that if you didn't want to have to play alone all the time, you better pretend not to be a girl. So cooking, cleaning, sewing... you name it, I shunned it.


That's all changed, of course. Knowing how to do stuff is nice. Really nice. And today, today was a lovely day to learn.

What did you refuse to learn as a child that is now become important as an adult?