We parked a car in our yard

dogs and the VW

Mark recently did a gig that included a brightly colored VW Super Beetle as entertainment for the guests. They were given sharpies and stickers and told to decorate the Bug as they saw fit. After the show, the client didn't want the car shell and since Mark's employer didn't have plans for it, he asked if we could take it home with us, much like a lost puppy.

Anyone want a ride?

And so there it is, in my yard. The girls put chairs inside and "drive it" occasionally, enjoying the buttons and switches on the dash and the key that lives in the ignition. We planted a fig tree in the back seat with hopes that one day it's arms will reach outside the windows and grow up towards the sky. And in the engine compartment? That's where the compost goes, of course:

We had to move the compost bin for upcoming house build. Found the perfect spot!

My next plan is to remove the hood and fill the trunk with good dirt and bright flowers. Anyone have any suggestions as to what should go in there?