two families | two acres | lots of opportunity to grow


GingerLeaf Farm's Mission:

To create a community approach to living in the city, improve sustainable living practices and expand opportunities for growth, both personally and within the soil of our little farm in the city.

What we actually do:

Located within the city limits, GingerLeaf Farm is really more of an experiment than a working farm. At least for now. We have chickens that provide fresh eggs and are in the process of planning a goat shelter for dairy goats. The orchard is in and ever expanding, the garden is making it's way towards productive. There's always some project in the works and more on the horizon. 

What we Envision:

Community building is worthy work, and we think we have at least one way to do it. Our first goal is to create a monthly "Farm Day" where people from all over our community can come with their backyard produce, their hand-wares, and their open hearts to trade and barter their goods. Stepping out of traditional commerce demands a higher level of communication, a respect and understanding of your product, and a deeper conversation than your typical cash transaction.

Further down the road, we'd love to expand the community connection by offering workshops, camp opportunities for young people and regular events. Yoga on the deck, goat milking lessons, cheese making workshops, cob building, egg incubation... there's so many odd little experiences we can offer our community. 

But we cannot do it without our community. Come be a part of the Vision.